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Discover and explore the best places to visit in Costa Rica!

Explore Costa Rica with us!

Photography by: Josué Montoya

In Explore App you will find beautiful tourist destinations that offer different tours, activities, food and accommodation.

Let's enjoy the wonders of nature in Costa Rica and support the tourism sector.

Find us as "Explore App Costa Rica" in Google Play, App Store and App Gallery. Download links below:

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If you have a tourism business and want to be part of the platform, you can register in the following form:

If you want more info or have any question, feel free to contact us:

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What benefits will your business get by joining our platform?

  • Exposure of your tourist business in our app to get more visitors.

  • Users will be able to contact you directly to get more info or book with you. Our app shows your contact info as social networks, WhatsApp, email or phone.

  • We advertise your business through our social networks to generate exposure and visitation.

  • You will be able to create special tours and promotions to publish in our app to give more visibility and attract people to your business.

  • We advertise your business through push notifications for the users to be able to go and visit your profile.

  • Joining our platform is totally free.

Registration Process:

  • Fill the Registration Form.

  • Review process of your Registration Form.

  • Inclusion of your tourist business in our app.

  • We will let you know when your tourist business is ready and available in our app for users.

  • You will be able to request any change or modification you want at any moment. 

  • You will be able to request the removal of your tourist business at any moment if you decide to stop being part of the platform. 

  • Please read our Conditions and Terms of Service:

Get into Explore quickly and for free.

Find from National Parks to small tourist businesses.

Find the place that has the characteristics you want.

Save the places you would like to explore.

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